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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


On May 15th about 2 hrs. from Richmond, Lars and my mother and their caregiver, Joy Burch, were driving towards Raleigh when Lars drifted off to the left on a 4 lane highway, then as Joy got his attention, he swung the wheel sharply to the right, then again to the left, spun the car around, which shot it across to the right and it tumbled down an embankment, turning over once.  Miraculously, my mother and Joy had minor bruises and a scratch.  Lars, however, fractured the C-2 bone in his neck and has had surgery, and now must wear a neck brace for 3 months.  He is recuperating at the home of good friends of his  in Black Mountain, NC.  I am taking care of my mother in my home and I need a physical therapist and/or home health care to come in and show me how to get her moving.  When I last visited in MA. she would walk very slowly and with help from the living room to the chair by the window, and to the bathroom, but only 2 times a day, or 3 when going to her bedroom.  She now wants to stay in her wheelchair and I usually need my husband or daughter to help me move her just two steps to the bed or the chair.  We would appreciate prayers for Lars and her, as we need wisdom in the decision of future long term care.

The Lord obviously had his angels in charge, and even had the I-phone Lars owns with all his contacts, protected during 2 rainstorms until it was recovered at the scene of the accident.  The car was totaled and it belonged to Joy who was on her way back with them to Texas, where she lives.  Lars' and her insurance covered the car. Joy is back to work at a camp with her parents.  She had lived with them about 8 months.  The plan for a new CNA  to arrive on June 18th.  We don't know when Lars will travel home yet.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Elisabeth Howard Poem- on Quietness before His creation

Speak not.

I am crushed with din of words.
I am crowded with talking.
I have need of profundity.
Let me feel night-silence,
And the expression of stars.