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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

From Oswald Chambers, again

"Thinking is the habit of expressing what moves our spirit. In order to think we must concentrate. Thinking is a purely physical process. No one can tell us how to begin to think, all they can do is to tell us what happens when we do think. 
The inattentive, slovenly way we drift into the presence of God is an indication that we are not bothering to think about Him. 

Interest is natural, attention must be by effort. One of the great needs of the Christian life is to have a place where we deliberately attend to realities. That is the real meaning of prayer. "

Oh that we may truly think, focus, and concentrate on what He wants, so that we may become one with Him. Conform me Lord, into Your image!

Reflection Questions: Do my prayers consist only of what I am personally interested in? When I pray, do I think about God or about myself? 

Quotations taken from The Moral Foundations of Life and Run Today’s Race, © Discovery House Publishers

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

From Oswald Chambers

"We talk about the difficulty of living a holy life; yet we have the absolute simple ease provided by the Almighty God for living a holy life because He paid so much to make it possible. Beware of placing the emphasis on what prayer costs us; it cost God everything to make it possible for us to pray. 

If anyone has difficulty in getting through to God, it is never God who is to blame. We can get through to Him as soon as we want to, there is nothing simpler. The trouble is when we begin to sympathize with the thing that is proud and strong in independence of God. "

O Lord, forgive us for making excuses for not praying. How simpering and foolish and lazy we are!