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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Live Life to the Hilt

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

poems sent to me since my mother went to Heaven

"I lay my burdens down and slept
   A peaceful, restful sleep,
I woke with Jesus - face to face
   No more to part or weep.

His smile relieved the strain of toil,
   His had wiped all my tears,
Here in His presence pain with grief
   An sorrow disappears.

Along the pat - my hand in His - 
   I learned to trust His way,
For 'in acceptance lieth peace'
   And faith drives fear away.

Oh, what delight- for I am loved
(Here doubt brings no alarms) - 
  And underneath me still I find
     The everlasting arms."

(In grateful memory of Elisabeth Elliot Gren---Christina Joy Hommes)

"The Lord is still my Shepherd,
   My Rock and Hiding Place,
Though He should take a sunbeam 
   To show me further grace.

   In pastures by the water,
In death's dark valley low,
He holds me to His bosom
   As on to heav'n we go.

With rod and staff He guides me,
  He prunes each fruitful tree;
  'Fear not for I am with You'
   He gently comforts me.

I know He's always with me
 Where're the pathway lie,
 In love He spreads a table
   For me beyond the sky.

With Him I'll dwell forever,
 He'll dry each falling tear,
His smile will heal each sorrow
  When His kind voice I hear."

Thank you Christina, for writing these in honor and memory of my mother.  She loved poetry too!  I'm so grateful for her teaching me an appreciation for it in poems, and hymns.