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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jim Elliot letter to Elisabeth Howard, 1948

"Somehow I felt that  'Renunciation' didn't fit my case this week.  Oh, I know that I am called on to hold you very loosely, but this rest of soul I've had about our relationship lately makes even the principle of renunciation a mocking.  I have renounced nothing- I own all- yet possess nothing.  In getting Christ God has left me strangely destitute but profoundly wealthy! Queer, isn't it?  Betty, my dear sister, stop struggling and believe!
The 'confidence' of Phil.1:6 assuages all doubt for me just now - He cannot fail us.  Oh, He may lead us oceans apart (and we can trust Him for that, too, can we not?) but are we so childish (I do not say child-like) as to think a God who would scheme a Jesus-plan would lead poor pilgrims into situations they could not bear?  Dost thou believe that God doth answer prayer, my heart?  Yea,  I  believe. Then will He not most assuredly answer that frequent cry of Thine- 'Lord, lead me'? I cannot explain what I feel, but I am as confident of God's leading as I am of His salvation.  May He not so often have to address us in rebuke,  [a Greek word]   Do I hear you saying , Betty, ' "It's all right for you to speak so, but I'm a woman and not so independent as you?'"
Surely Isa. 54 is not so quickly become invalid! I pray for you that you might indeed find 'joy and peace in believing' (Rom. 15:13) So what if He does make of me my Dad's ideal? [I think his Dad wanted him to be just like Paul]. Does that make God any less precious to you or any less able to do His perfect will in your life?"

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