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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Best quote I've found in a long time

This was sent to me by Joni Erickson Tada, and it was exactly what I needed today! 

"In the spiritual life God chooses to try our patience first of all by His slowness. He is slow: we are swift and precipitate.  It is because we are but for a time, and He has been for eternity. Thus grace, for the most part, acts slowly.  He works little by little. Sweetly and strongly He compasses His ends, but with a slowness which tires our faith because it is so great a mystery...There is something greatly overawing in the extreme slowness of God.  Let it overshadow our souls, but let it not disquiet them.  We must wait for God, long, meekly, in the wind and wet, in the thunder and lightning, in the cold and the dark. Wait, and He will come...and when he comes, go with Him, but fall a little behind; when He quickens His pace, be sure of it before you quicken yours.  But when he slackens, slacken at once: and do not be slow only, but silent, very silent, for He is God."
-by Fredrick Faber in Growth in Holiness

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of lights

Our 4th grand baby was born this morning by c-section in Newcastle, England.  Her name is Jennifer Anne Martin and she is 7 lbs. 6 oz.  Our friend, Iris Strachan,  who is a "card," is at home with the little ones (Valerie is in school till 3 PM) and she said since the Olympic torch passed the town of Newcastle, and because Jennifer kicked the hardest of all the babies, it's a  sign that she will be an Olympian! Jennifer is named after Mat's Mum and we are so grateful for the goodness and kindness of God in bringing this new little life into the world.  Pray for speedy healing for Elisabeth, and an easier time of feeding this little one than it was with Jimmy.  He will be 2 in July. I get to fly there, Lord willing, on the 29th, arriving in the afternoon of the 30th.  Can hardly wait!

Monday, June 11, 2012

A hymn from the past blesses me now.

" At even, ere the sun was set, The sick, O Lord, around Thee lay;
O, in what divers pains they met!
O, with what joy they went away!

Once more, 'tis eventide, and we Oppressed with various ills draw near:
What if Thy form we cannot see?
We know and feel that Thou art here.

O Savior Christ, our woes dispel; For some are sick, and some are sad,
And some have never loved Thee well,
And some have lost the love they had.

And some have found the world is vain, Yet from the world they break not free,
And some have friends who give them pain,
Yet have not sought a friend in Thee.

And none, O Lord, have perfect rest, For none are wholly free from sin;
And they who fain would serve Thee best
Are conscious most of wrong within.

O Savior Christ, Thou too art man; Thou has been troubled, tempted, tried;
Thy kind but searching glance can scan
The very wounds that shame would hide.

Thy touch has still its ancient pow'r; No word from Thee can fruitless fall;
Hear in this solemn evening hour,
And in thy mercy heal us all."

(by Henry Twells who lived from 1832-1900)
my mother sang this hymn to me and with me for many years as I grew up, and the tune was by Georg Joseph