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Friday, January 11, 2013

The X date on Reliv website

http://bcove.me/0dx6bq98     the X date Reliv announcement

"Everyone" has been getting the flu, or bronchitis, or a bad cold.  My husband and I have not had any of it and we are sure that it's the kindness of God, and His allowing us to take Reliv, which has made our immune systems stronger. My daughter, Elisabeth, introduced us to it in 2008 and we've been taking the shakes now for 4 yrs. and 4 months, and have not had more than 2 colds since.   Please watch this on Sat. Jan. 12 at 11 Central time, and you may be surprised.  If anyone is interested in being a customer or a distributor, I'd be happy to tell you more.  Just let me know. The link above is just the announcement to the webcast that will be on tomorrow at 11 Central time on Reliv.com.  You must register first to watch it, so get on the website earlier to make sure you will be able to. It is free.