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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Working on a book, and not going to be speaking as much next fall and spring

Hi readers, I am working on a book about my father's letters to my mother and their journals. I am excited and eager to work hard on it, learning now not to procrastinate, but as my oldest son suggested to me at Christmas this past year, that I try to do 45 minutes a day on it. Most days, if I'm not traveling to a speaking engagement, I am able to do this and it has been a joy. Please pray for me to continue on in this coming year, hoping to have at least 3/4 of it done by June, 2016. I will not be taking speaking engagements for fall of 2015 or spring of 2016 except for 2 I accepted in Mich. and Iowa in Sept. of this year. I will speak within 2 hrs of home, but not further, as that usually involves staying overnight.

Poem of my father

6/5/48 "O Lord, against this bosom-blast of coiled and seething feelings, Batt’ring passions, ebbing yearnings, oozing ache of inner man, Raise Thou the flinty walls of stuff of which Thy Son was made- Yea, build in me the buttressed bastions of faith That shall resist the under-suck- ing flow of soulish tide, And make me to endure this late attack, I pray, In Jesus’ name."