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Friday, January 16, 2015

JuanaMikels.com: Choosing Him Marriage Blog Tour!

JuanaMikels.com: Choosing Him Marriage Blog Tour!

Live Life to the Hilt

Book review-Choosing him all over Again

My friend Juana Mikels has written a lovely book about her journey from selfishness to Christ-centeredness, in her experience of leaving her husband because of self-love and discontentment, to coming to Christ, and learning what true love is. It is clearly God's pursuit of her, her slowly coming to faith in Him, and then going back to her husband, because of God's new control of her. I am blessed to recommend it to any woman, as a very good read, and as a help in understanding our own need of Christ as our First Love. The love in a marriage that He may give to us is blessed only if Christ is the True Pursuit and center. Thank you, Juana, for writing a Real Story- the one God gave you to write!