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Friday, January 27, 2017

Saints and sin

Here is an excerpt from my Dad's journal, which I hope you all know is still available - The Journals of Jim Elliot. It's deep because there's a lot of commentary on his own Bible reading, and covers from 1948-1955, before the month that he was killed. Those of you who are real readers of books would enjoy it and be inspired by his sincere desire to glorify Christ. "Only by looking upon sin exactly as God looks upon it, can saints glory in the devastation of the wicked. Our attitude toward sin is an indication of the degree to which we have allowed the “mind of Christ” to possess us. O Lord Jesus, my Lord and Master—I do long that Thou shalt be all in all to me. I thank Thee that I have the mind of Christ, since I am “in Christ” and He in me. So let me dwell upon this truth, accepting it moment by moment from Thee, that Christ may be magnified in me." I pray also that I would have the mind of Christ, that I would look upon all events and circumstances as allowed and directed by His hand, so that I can continually give thanks and be completely and perfectly satisfied with Him alone!


  1. Thank you! I became aware of your father and mother in the early 70s and even corresponded one time with your mother. Amazing examples of Christ Followers.

  2. I was just reading your Dad's journals this afternoon. I've had a copy since I was about eighteen and his sincere devotion to the Lord inspired me greatly.

  3. Dear Valerie,I was 8 when I saw the 1st movie about your dad.I'm 33 now,Homeschooling mom to 5,married to a Christ-minded man.Your parents lives'shaped mine and do now, my kids.My dad encouraged me to read books on marriage when I was 20. Purity and passion was the 1st one that I bought,by God's unseen Hand.I continued with -let me be a woman,keep a quiet heart,etc.I'd desired to shake hands with Mrs.E.E. one day,so i had to weep when she went on.She was 'mama' to me too.I still tear up when I hear you speak.I thank Jesus for servants like you and them daring us to follow Him, at any cost. Vidhya,S.India.

  4. Dear Vidhya,
    Thank you for your comments- I am also continually blessed by their writings! May the Lord give you strength, hope, and joy in your parenting journey. Remember they grow up into maturity by His grace, not any wonderful method we may have, though we are told in Scripture to train them up in the way they should go, and we are to use discipline. The difficulty is either being too lax (or undisciplined ourselves) or too strict! May He give you the right balance! In His love,Valerie


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