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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Suffering is to Trust!


I used to read a little book to my children called A Hole is to Dig and we'd laugh over the simplicity of the truth of the illustrations and words.  What fun it was to dig holes in the sand, in the dirt, in the bread dough, and even yesterday I had fun digging a hole for a new rose bush with lovely peach blooms.  Today, a friend sent me this and I was blessed, as she has been through a terrible trial in her life and is still living it.  She said she's analytic so she's always asking the why question.  I was hoping I could encourage her to simply focus on who God is, and she asked another- why is He good in this situation?  And all I could say was , "Well, He wants us to love Him because He's holy, and He's always good, and it's better to focus on that then on the past and what you think you did wrong!"  I have had so little suffering compared to what she's going through, but even in my "little trials" I've asked why and struggled with how I could fix the problem, and prayed that the other person would change, and been frustrated, and then tried to give a "talk" which turned into a lecture! Oh, how I know in my intellect that He wants me to trust Him, to be quiet, and let Him work, and believe that all things work together for the good of those who are called by His name.  So, suffering is for trust, and He will do what is best for us, in conforming us to the image of Christ. As I trust, He will make that habit dynamic and real in my heart so that it's practicable for life.