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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Elisabeth Howard Elliot poem

Lord, let this love be pure and high,
As clean and vast as Thy great sky.
O God, engulf us in the tide
Of Love Inexorable--and hide
Us ever in Thy secret place
Where we, as one, may see Thy face.
Because He first loved us, we love--
So let us drink from Thine above,
And mirror, as we there abide,
The Love of Jesus for His Bride.

-written August 3, 1948, beginning courtship with Jim Elliot

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Poem by Elisabeth Howard, age 19

Lord of my life, I worship Thee.
In awe I stand and gaze
Upon Thy Calvary. There flows

Abysmal depth of love.
Forgive a child for foolish thought,
For folly of desire
Of useless, temporal things; my Lord,
Help my infirmity.
For Thou wast in all points tempted
And Thou dost understand.
O teach me to obey Thy voice--
I love Thee, Lord, and long
That I may be as poured-out wine,
Thy servant, Thine alone.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another excerpt of a letter from Jim Elliot to Betty Howard

Elliotlovedhim.blogspot.com - relationship w. his Dad

"Glad your faith gave you the freedom to write here.  Sorry I didn't get a card off earlier than that Monday night note, but I plead your sympathies assailed by finals.  A little bitterness rose at C.P.R. when I heard you could not be routed through the Northwest, showing me that I too had been building unfounded castles.  Still hope you might come, but pray for HIS WILL, that happy determiner of His childrens' paths. Mom is eager to meet you as are the rest, save Father; he hasn't mentioned your name nor referred to the affair, though conversation has been quite open.  And I know why, too.  he prays over it, more than they all and has committed it all to God long ago.  Betty, I blush to think of things I have said, as if I knew something of what Scripture teaches. I know nothing. My father's religion is of a sort I have seen  nowhere else.  His theology is wholly undeveloped, but so real and practical a thing that it shatters every "system" of doctrine I have seen.  He cannot define theism, but he knows God.  He is seriously considering a trip to British Guiana where some local brethren from here are establishing a lumbering business....[There is] a British missionary who needs a furlough but has no teacher to take his place.  Dad may fit in, as he is both mill-right and teacher.  If he goes this summer he wants me to go with him, and if God so allows it I would drop Wycliffe plans in a minute.  We've had some happy times together and I cannot estimate what enrichment a few month's working with him might do for me, practically and spiritually....
..Never have seen the northern lights as you describe them.  We saw a real display in northern Mich this summer, but no colors in variety.  But my mountains!  They are here still with snow in all the foothills. I haven't been home in the winter for 4 years and this is a real treat...I don't see how you can afford to miss it."