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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

2 of Heidi and Gilbert Krahn's children

I met this sweet family in March of this year... Gibson and Elli are two of the 3.  The 3rd  (Eden) was sleeping when this pic was taken.  Please pray for Gibson as he has an undiagnosed disorder which has kept him from muscular and speech development. They are a committed Christian family and I loved meeting them!

Sad, sweet, stinking selves!

Who are we anyway?! Here's an excerpt from a letter of my mom's to my dad, as they discuss in a letter how wherever they are they will have the same sins to deal with, and on the mission field it's not going to get any easier, though they long to be there. But on the other hand, it is the same Presence and Power that accompanies and indwells us, the same necessity for drawing from the Source.

  "And, as old Pike used to say, “You’re STUCK with yourself.” It is the same “sad, sweet, stinking selves” that we shall have to deal with, and the more trying the circumstances, the sweet, the more stinking that self! MacDonald says, “All that is not God is death.” So, for us it must be God—first, last, always."