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Description of my mother's books

This below was written by a dear friend who wants to help me promote my mother's books. I have met many who love them, but never one who is so passionate about trying to get others to read and learn from them! To those who are unfamiliar with the story and with what each book is about, she writes these descriptions--- Thank you Luanne Miller!!

Take note of those who live according to the pattern we gave you. Phil 3:17 

The death of the Jim Elliot and 4 other missionaries was reported around the world.  The day-in-and-day-out faithfulness of 5 young widows surrounded by toddlers went largely unnoticed.  And yet their story was God’s mysterious way of providing a platform from which Elisabeth Elliot was able to speak and write from experience about suffering and loss, discipleship and the Cross.

Steady obedience, unseen struggle, hidden offerings, a quality of faith---we rightly admire their obscure (at the time) faithfulness and extraordinary commitment to Christ and His Kingdom.  And yet neither of them would want “their story” to be the focus. They were wholeheartedly devoted to Another and they exemplify what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.
The lives of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot are both and inspiration and a challenge. These books are easy to read...hard to live, impossible!  What is described is supernatural living, the Abundant Life that Jesus promised to those who deny themselves, take up their cross and follow Him.

The following books, written by Elisabeth Elliot are available at the DISCOUNTED price of only $13 each (this cost includes shipping). 
Through Gates of Splendor DVD $10 each  (some nudity: may not be appropriate for small children)

TO ORDER THESE BOOKS CONTACT: shepelliot@gmail.com


SHADOW OF THE ALMIGHTY chronicles Jim Elliot’s journey from childhood to college days to the mission field of Ecuador where he eventually gave his life at age 28. Full of journal excerpts, personal letters, and insight into his all-consuming passion for Christ.

THROUGH GATES OF SPLENDOR is the story of the 5 young missionaries who were killed by the Aucas in 1956. Starting with their calling and arrival in Ecuador, as well as the widows' total reliance on their relationship with Jesus Christ after the men were killed. 

SHAPING OF A CHRISTIAN FAMILY recounts cherished memories and valuable insights Elisabeth gathered from her parents, grandparents, and siblings, extolling the importance of obedience, prayer, and forgiveness, among other lessons she learned.  

A CHANCE TO DIE:  The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael, a missionary whose life and writings significantly influenced Elisabeth.

THESE STRANGE ASHES:  Is God still in charge?  With fascinating detail, she reflects upon the "strange ashes" that can result when an act of obedience is passed through the fires of God's perfect--yet mysterious--will. 


PASSION AND PURITY: Learning to bring your love life under Christ’s control.  Candidly sharing her love story with Jim Elliot, an honest telling of the sacrifices of two young people whose commitment to Christ took priority over their love for each other. 

QUEST FOR LOVE dusts off "antiquated" concepts such as commitment, integrity, honor, and servanthood and shows how they still apply today.  Intertwined are hopeful true stories of how men and women discovered love through God's direction. .

MARK OF A MAN   With Christ as the example of the ultimate man, this classic take on understanding a man's role in life and relationships, romantic or otherwise, helps men define their own masculinity in a positive way. 

LET ME BE A WOMAN   In the seventies, when everyone else was talking about feminism, working from Scripture Elisabeth Elliot was talking about femininity, what it means to be a Christian woman, whether single, married, or widowed.


DISCIPLINE THE GLAD SURRENDER   In our age of instant gratification and if-it-feels-good-do-it attitudes, a disciplined life doesn't happen spontaneously.  Discipline is the believer’s answer to God’s call, placing of oneself gladly, fully, and forever at His disposal.

GOD’S GUIDANCE:  A Slow and Certain Light (with study guide) will not show you how to find God's will in six easy steps. Instead, this practical book will fortify your faith when coming to God for the answers to life.  

A LAMP UNTO MY FEET:  The Bible's Light For Your Daily Walk   A simple little book based on Elisabeth’s own personal devotions with six months of daily reflections.  Each selection inspires a hunger for God’s provision in your life, yielding a desire for His Word.

KEEP A QUIET HEART is a unique collection of some of Elisabeth's best work from her newsletter. More than 100 short passages offer a bit of relief from everyday life as they point the reader toward the everlasting love and peace of God.

SECURE IN THE EVERLASTING ARMS: Listening to God with Love, Trust and Obedience  Life offers us a series of trials and hardships. Through the proper training and equipment, and with God at our side we can weather all of life's storms with faith and soul intact.

BE STILL MY SOUL   We have a way of making Christian concepts complicated, and Elisabeth has a way of untying the knots with grace. This is a beautiful and inspiring, “soul-stilling” collection of insightful reflections on living the Christian life.

ON ASKING GOD WHY:  And Other Reflections on Trusting God in a Twisted World   Honest insights into many of today's most prevalent heartaches. God invites his children to lay our questions before him because in him we will find every answer we need.

A PATH THROUGH SUFFERING   Avoiding pat answers and quick fixes, yet not hesitating to ask hard questions.   Boldly exploring the nature of God whose sovereign care for us is so intimate and perfect that He confounds our finite understanding. 

THE PATH OF LONELINESS   Loneliness comes to us all.  These tender reflections on God's love for us and his plans to bless us help us find hope, showing us how to make peace with loneliness, however it has come about, and how to grow through it.

In a letter to my mother, my Dad wrote this:

" In any case I trust the Source of sacred gladness will find you ready soil to receive the abundance of His showers." 12/22/48-- the day after my mother's Birthday, while she was at Prairie Bible Institute, after she had written something about how they didn't celebrate Christmas.