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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Elisabeth Howard Elliot Leitch Gren

My mother is doing very well in Newton, MS at a facility called Woodland Court.  My very dear friend, Maureen Sellers, keeps me posted and says she's cheerful, eating everything offered to her, sleeps well through the night, enjoys music, especially hymns sung and played at the piano, and enjoys people who come to visit her.  She especially enjoys younger people because she will "talk" to them, hold their hand, and smile a lot with them.  That's  not to say that she won't smile at older people, because she will and responds well to most visitors, unless she's taking a nap.  I'm so thankful for how the Lord provided this place where she is loved and is stimulated by those around her every day.  Please continue to pray for her and for her husband Lars' healing and wisdom for their future care. I know God will direct and guide, as He did for them in June, when I had to take her to Ms. because of my upcoming trip to Newcastle, England, to see my daughter and her family after the birth of their 4th child, Jennifer Anne Martin.

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  1. I will be praying, Valerie. I just finished reading The Savage, My Kinsman, and I am still inspired and moved to tears every time I think of what God did through your mom, and how He led and carried her through those years. Her greatest testimony to me is just her humble obedience. I can truly say that she was a spiritual mother to me through her books and radio show and times that I heard her speak, and I know she was for many others. She left an incredible legacy. Just one woman who truly obeyed her Lord.

    Thank you for the update! I hope our paths cross again soon! :)



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