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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"The Garden of Sparkling Delight"

I have just finished reading an ebook on my Ipad, that was disturbing, and unfortunately is about a very real problem in today's world.  It is written by my daughter's mother in law in England and her pen name is Deborah Varen. I would recommend this book-"The Garden of Sparkling Delight" to anyone above the age of 16 because of its excellent story line, and its realistic look at the horrendous sex trafficking business. Though most of the book centers on 2 girls who are sold into a brothel in Brazil, the redemptive feature, is that a couple go to Brazil to do a year's work at a hospital, and discover one of the girls, and in the end help both of them. The couple is blessed by being able to help them, and the girls are brought to an understanding that there are people in the world who want to help them, and are committed to fighting the problem.  I pray that this will not only raise awareness, but it will bring more support to the foundations that are fighting this issue around the world.  I have a young friend who worked several years in India with the International Justice system to get the crime rings stopped, and I was so impressed that she went there as a single woman, because of her commitment to God and His righteousness. May God be glorified through this work, and may thousands of girls be rescued from sex trafficking. In turn, may they help others who have been caught in the same trap that they were. 
The author's blogsite is http://debvaren.blogspot.co.uk.Amazon kindle books

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